A huge, beautiful, 4K digital projection… it is likely that Tyrrau Mawr (2016) by the Welsh artist Williams will prove one of the popular hits.

Artes Mundi

Tyrrau Mawr - Bedwyr Williams

After collaborating on his previous contemporary art project Hotel 70°, we reunited with Bedwyr Williams to work on his entry to Artes Mundi 7. We joined forces with him to create his installation, Tyrra Mawr (Big Towers), which features an ambitious 4K twenty minute long digital matte painting. Within film and television a matte painting may only be seen on screen fleetingly, despite the amount of work that goes into making it look as real as possible. Having the opportunity to create something that will be watched for a much longer amount of time was a fascinating and interesting challenge.


The piece imagines ‘a mad new city thrown up around the mountain of Cader Idris, including buildings suspiciously similar to London’s Barbican towers, the Guggenheim in New York and Zaha Hadid’s infamously rejected Cardiff Bay Opera House,’ and has garnered favorable reviews:   


Tyrrau Mawr is the stand-out work of Artes Mundi. It is stirring and awful, tragic and hilarious. The Guardian


A huge, beautiful, 4K digital projection… it is likely that Tyrrau Mawr (2016) by the Welsh artist Williams will prove one of the popular hits. The Art Newspaper  


That the works displayed here often confront difficult or topical issues suggests a certain seriousness. But the inventive ambition, style and, in several cases, black humour of the works serve to counter this. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams’s contribution, Tyrrau Mawr (2016). Apollo Magazine


Llyr Williams, Lead Visual Effects Artist on the project, explained the technical challenge Tyrrau Mawr presented: The biggest challenge was handling the amount of rendering needed (4K x 20minutes). Rendering every single frame would have taken too long so elements were rendered at different frame rates then re-timed and blended in Nuke. The buildings, for example, were rendered 1 out of every 48 frames because the lighting change was very gradual. Faster moving elements such as the lake were rendered at a higher frame rate. This saved days of rendering time and also helped with the slowly evolving matte painting feel of the final piece.


Bringing together 6 international contemporary artists who explore contemporary social issues across the globe, Artes Mundi 7 runs until February 2017. Winning the Derek Williams Trust Purchase Award at Artes Mundi 7, Tyrrau Mawr has been purchased by the National Museum of Wales and will be added to their contemporary art collection.


  • Written and Performed by:

    Bedwyr Williams

  • Lead Visual Effects Artist:

    Llyr Williams

  • Creative Producer:

    Peter Rogers

  • Visual Effects Production Manager:

    Lucy Lawson-Duckett

  • Visual Effects Supervisor:

    Christian Lett

  • Junior CG Artist:

    Tafadzwa Mushawasha

  • Post Services:

    Gorilla Post Production

  • Music:


  • Production Executive:

    Maggie Ellis, Film London

  • Production Executive:

    Rose Cupit, Film London

  • Project Officer:

    Marta Michalowsk, Film London

  • Part Of:

    Film London Jarman Award

  • In Association With:

    Film London for Channel Four in Association with Arts Council England