We delivered around 90 VFX shots for the feature-length episode which centred on a dramatic helicopter crash sequence.

Casualty 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Episode

As part of our ongoing relationship with Casualty we provided VFX for their much publicised 30th anniversary episode. The feature-length special featured a high impact helicopter crash which was central to the episode, we augmented and enhanced the sequence, adding elements that would not have been possible to shoot practically.


We delivered around 90 VFX shots for the episode, the majority of which were part of the pivotal helicopter crash. Our VFX Supervisor Christian was present on-set during the filming of the sequence, which had extensive pre-visualisation to help bring the director’s vision to life. Large wire rigs had to be removed and CG rotor blades were added to the helicopter, simulating the impact of these blades on the ground at the point of impact. The team also created a full CG drone, which impacts with the helicopter, effectively destroying its tail rotor.


As well as these key sequences Bait also provided screen replacements, smoke enhancements and built a new shot showing the outside of the Emergency Department for the end of the episode, complete with CG emergency vehicles.


  • Visual Effects Supervisor:

    Christian Lett

  • Lead VFX Artist:

    Llyr Williams

  • CG Artist:

    Tafadzwa Mushawasha

  • Compositors:

    Paul Vorsman, Robin Rhee, Alesja Surubkina, Anthony Williams, Cale Pugh

  • VFX Production Co-ordinator:

    Jessica Saunders

  • VFX Producer:

    Peter Rogers

  • Pre-Vis artist:

    Martyn Western