We delivered around 90 VFX shots for the feature-length episode which centred on a dramatic helicopter crash sequence.


30th Anniversary Episode

We have been providing VFX support to Casualty for more than two years. Working closely with the production team, we are involved at all stages of the production process – from script and pre-production meetings right the way through to the final grade. We also provide on-set supervision as required.


We contributed over 120 shots to the drama’s 30th Anniversary storyline that ran for three episodes during 2015. This explosive storyline required us to augment a boat fire to make it look larger and more threatening, and also make the stage work look like it was at sea. We enhanced the practical smoke effects with CG fire, smoke and sparks using Side FX’s Houdini.


Bait truly are a great company to work with – they get involved in the early planning stages and are very production friendly. They particularly understand the ever-increasing need to keep costs down without affecting what’s on screen. There is always someone available when we need them whether it’s just for advice or on-set supervision. It’s really important for us at Casualty to make sure that our VFX are invisible, the standard of their work is brilliant and there is never any quibbling over changes, they’re done swiftly and with minimum fuss.’  – Lou Prendergast, Post Production Supervisor.
Reel to follow.


  • Visual Effects Supervisor:

    Christian Lett

  • Lead VFX Artist:

    Llyr Williams

  • CG Artist:

    Tafadzwa Mushawasha

  • Compositors:

    Paul Vorsman, Robin Rhee, Alesja Surubkina, Anthony Williams, Cale Pugh

  • VFX Production Co-ordinator:

    Jessica Saunders

  • VFX Producer:

    Peter Rogers

  • Pre-Vis artist:

    Martyn Western