"committed performances and slick visuals" ~Empire Online

Don’t Knock Twice

Don't Knock Twice VFX

We completed the key creative visual effects shots for horror film ‘Don’t Knock Twice’ and provided on-set VFX Supervision throughout the shoot.


Produced by Red and Black Films and Seymour Films we worked closely with the film’s director Caradog James (‘The Machine’, ‘Little White Lies’) from an early stage of pre-production, visualising the essential scenes right from the beginning.


We completed the post-production work on a selection of key shots that were integral to the film’s narrative, creating digital matte paintings to situate the isolated house next to a motorway and to establish the cave that houses the creature at the heart of the story. A CG model of Katee Sackhoff’s head was created and re-sculpted in order to show various levels of decomposition. You can see the biggest shots we worked on in the Lab.


“committed performances and slick visuals”

~Empire Online


“With a great lead performance from an always reliable leading lady, a creative monster that is genuinely scary, excellent visuals and an overpowering atmosphere, Don’t Knock Twice has all the necessary elements”

~The Fan Carpet


“Don’t Knock Twice is competently directed and surprisingly stylish”

~Flickering Myth


  • Director:

    Caradog James

  • Producers:

    Red & Black Films, Seymour Films

  • Visual Effects Supervisor:

    Christian Lett

  • Visual Effects Producer:

    Peter Rogers

  • Visual Effects Coordinator:

    Jessica Saunders

  • Lead Visual Effects Artist:

    Llyr Williams

  • Visual Effects Artist:

    Toffee Mushawasha

  • Digital Matte Painter:

    Darren Fereday

  • Compositors:

    Jay Murray, Paul Vorsman

Don't Knock Twice Poster