Our work included matte paintings, set extensions, eye glows, explosions and green-screen car exteriors

The Machine

Feature Film

We were the lead visual effects team for this stylish British sci-fi thriller directed by Caradog James, contributing nearly 250 VFX shots.


Our work included matte paintings, set extensions, eye glows, explosions and green-screen car exteriors. We also designed and composited all the futuristic interactive screens in the film, animating the graphics in Adobe After Effects before compositing all the shots with The Foundry’s Nuke.


One of the biggest challenges was matching the classic anamorphic lenses that were used on the Arri Alexa cameras during the shoot; however, our VFX Supervisors were on hand throughout principal photography to support the crew.


Following a successful premiere at the TriBeCa Festival, The Machine went on to win 3 BAFTA Cymru Awards, and was voted Best UK Feature at the Raindance festival.


‘It’s all accompanied by some impressive visual effects work for a smaller, independent film.’


‘… while transparent touch interfaces abound they feel more realistic than Minority Report’s sweeping hand gestures ever did.’ The Verge 


  • Client:

    Red and Black Films

  • Director:

    Caradog W. James

  • Producer:

    John Giwa-Amu

  • VFX Producer:

    Jon Rennie

  • VFX Supervisors:

    Christian Lett, Llyr Williams

  • Compositors:

    Cale Pugh, Anthony Williams

  • VFX Artists:

    Toke Jepson, Glyn Jenkins, Martyn Western

  • CG Artist:

    Lee Hallett

  • User Interface Concept Artist:

    Paul Nicholas

  • Motion Graphics Artist:

    Nick Dacey

  • Matte Painter:

    Alex Hollowood

  • Matchmover:

    James Sellers

  • Junior Compositor:

    Jay Murray

  • Junior VFX Artist:

    Tom Tatchell

  • Junior Motion Graphics Artist:

    Tom Barry

  • Production Manager:

    Peter Rogers

  • Production Support:

    Jonathan Edwards, Rick Mabey

  • VFX Production Assistants:

    Giuliana Marenghi, Hannah Durham