We provided the titles for Tall Story Pictures’ four-part thriller Bancroft, which aired over consecutive nights on ITV. The series includes flashbacks to a murder scene twenty seven years ago and that was the inspiration for the approach taken, showing moments from the present and the past, shifting between the hidden and the exposed. We used a combination of techniques, including shots from the series and the show’s rushes, scenes we filmed ourselves and CG assets that we built to create an unsettling title sequence that matches the dark unsettling tone of the series.


“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Bait Studio on the title sequence for the new ITV police drama Bancroft. Their passion and creativity was evident from our very first meeting. They listened to our needs and interpreted the brief in a considered and creative way. Throughout the process I found them to be great collaborators and their positive attitude and ability to come up with creative solutions was a great asset. I’m delighted with the results and feel that the title sequence captures the mood of the show in a subtle and artful way. I look forward to working with Bait Studio again in the future.” John Hayes – Director, Bancroft



  • Client:

    Tall Story Pictures

  • Channel:


  • Creative Director:

    Paul Nicholas

  • Lead Designer:

    Francesca Fornoni

  • Motion Design:

    Al Wynn

  • Production Manager:

    Helen Pooler

  • Creative Producer:

    Peter Rogers