Animation work for Vision Game Labs

motion design

We were approached by the people behind Vision Game Labs, who were developing an app with CMET Digital to aid in testing young children’s eyesight. Dr Luke Anderson and Dr Stephanie Campbell looked into this issue, as there is a risk of misdiagnosis due to a child’s lack of concentration or inability to read the letter chart. They wanted to add some game elements to the app, in readiness for clinical trials, and were interested in how animation could make the test more engaging to a young audience to help maintain their focus.


Working from their brief, we were involved in the project from the very beginning, presenting a range of ideas and running the whole creative process until it was delivered to the app developers.  We created the characters and concept that would go on to become Space Vision, and created a fully animated introduction animation, voiced by Marc Silk, along with the in-app animation and full branding and design for both the game and their company.


Following successful clinical trials, Vision Game Labs are now seeking further funding to expand the project.  You can find out more information about Vision Game Labs on their website or CMET’s now.


"We design apps to measure vision. We've got the science, but that doesn't make someone want to play. Bait Studio brought our idea to life, helping reduce the age of possible home screening of children's vision right down to just two years old." Dr Stephanie Campbell