We designed and created the Hansh channel branding for Welsh language broadcaster S4C.  The brief was to create a sub-brand for online first short form content, aimed at 16-36 year olds. The name ‘Hansh’ can be interpreted as bite, snippet or piece, to reflect the quickly consumed short form nature of the content.

One thing we were very conscious of was avoiding the urge to take the name too literally and to present something that used bite-sized in an obvious or overused way.  We also needed to consider that not only was this a YouTube channel with a strong presence on social media, the best of the content would also be curated and broadcast on S4C. So the design process took into consideration the needs of the various platforms that the brand would be seen on. This meant our research didn’t solely focus on channel branding, but also took into account at youth brands in fashion, music, social media and lifestyle.

We built the brand around a brand property we called Casgla (Welsh for collect, congregate or gather together) the sense that the H of Hansh has been created from all of the best content coming together.

We created all the elements they needed for on-air and off-air use and created the full brand guidelines to be used by S4C and the production companies providing them with content for the channel.