The Desert

We designed and created the title sequence and accompanying graphics for this survival reality game show entertainment show for Talpa Middle East. It sees contestants trained in survival skills, with the weakest eliminated before the finalists take on a multi-day race across the desert.

By focussing on the perspective of different animals in the desert environment, it allowed us to present the off-camera contestants as intruders wandering into protected territory. This also helps to demonstrate how the show’s contestants will need to adapt their surroundings. The final transition to the title card makes use of the desert surroundings and reinforces that there can only be one winner.

Research was essential, as we were dealing with traditional Bedouin survival techniques and the varied fauna that can be seen in the Arabic deserts, as well as the animals themselves. For the production, we used Cinema 4D for the entire sequence, implementing a hybrid cel-shaded style. We wanted to include the dramatic and rich textures that the desert provides so it was a necessity to give the sequence a much grittier look than the traditional cel-shaded appearance and we used X-particles and Trapcode Particular for the sand and After Effects for composting.